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Intertruck parts are engineered, manufactured, and tested to the highest international standards


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Intertruck History and Achievements

With a remarkable legacy spanning five decades, Intertruck has emerged as a global leader since 1963. Boasting 80,000 OE standard parts across 24 categories, our innovation thrives within a sprawling 150,000 m² production area housing 13 integrated factories. Fueled by a team of 230+ engineers, our pioneering technologies are nurtured in our R&D facility. We fast and effectively manufacture and deliver to transportation and workshops, delivering top-notch quality and unwavering reliability. Intertruck's journey embodies excellence, innovation, and a future of heavy-duty solutions. Now, we eagerly step into a new and exciting chapter, building upon our proud history.

Mission And Vision

Our Mission

Celebrating individuality. Validating our promises.

Our Future Vision

Emerging as the ultimate heavy-duty truck manufacturing powerhouse in the Benelux.

Our Promise to You

As your trusted regional manufacturer, we assure top-tier, extensively tested commercial vehicle parts. Unlock the benefits of the only manufacturer, distributor, and the leading customer service experts in heavy-duty trucks in the Benelux. Experience the ease of having it all from one source.