Shipping and delivery

The delivery time is dependent on a range of factors. If we have an item in stock, we will dispatch it the same working day if it is ordered before 18.00. If you have a night safe, your order will arrive the very next morning. In some cases, it is possible to deliver the same day. Ask our sales department about the options available. All your possible delivery options will be displayed during the order process.

When you place an order with us in the webshop, you can enter the delivery address to which you want your shipment to be delivered. We keep a list of all your possible delivery addresses. During the ordering process, you can choose from the registered addresses to which the order should be sent. If you want the order to be delivered to an address that is not on the list, you can enter it in the address box. Please note that the delivery address must be in the same country as the company. If you want to know more about this, please contact our sales department assistants. They are available during office hours via phone or email and will add the address directly to your account if you want to make frequent use of it.

You might want to place an order now to make sure you have the right stuff, but you won't need it for a few days or even weeks. And if we deliver immediately, it will just get in your way. In that case, you can choose a delayed delivery date. When completing the ordering process, you choose the day in the calendar that suits you best and we will take care of the rest.